My name is Jake Tribe. I am a Graduate from the Orange County School of the Arts (OSCA) Digital Media Conservatory. I have been interested in being a part of the 3D digital space ever since I played Minecraft and Garry’s Mod a number of years ago. Prior to that, I played a number of other video games but Minecraft gave me the ability to customize and make my own world which is what I am passionate about. The ability to create these unique spaces and the addition of Gmod really captured my interest and enthusiasm. I continued to build a number of servers to house my creations and raise funds to build my own custom computer.

I was fortunate to have been accepted into OCSA the first year they started their Digital Media Conservatory. My involvement in the four year Conservatory has broadened my skills and opened me up to so many creative opportunities. 

As a result of being so interested and immersed in the 3D side, I was asked to be a teacher’s assistant for Mr. Cho (Teacher at Art institute of California, with MFA, BFA, from School of Visual Arts, (Link to teachers website), the instructor for the Game Design III class. Being connected to industry professionals like him helped me then acquire an internship at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) with a team of graduate students working on independent projects. Wile also being able to be apart of a game team from students in Advanced Games at (USC).  You will see some of the projects I worked on with them in my portfolio. (Link to Sankofa project) (Link to Elmina project) (Link to Catastropieces)

I heard about Gnomon online and was immediately excited to see a school that took my passion to such a high level. After visiting the campus and was blown away by the work, I enrolled in the high school summer course for digital painting. The course was so amazing not only did I learn a lot from Alex Voe but it opened me up to all the creative opportunities in the industry. I continued to visit the campus for some events: Z-Brush Summit, Individual speaking engagements and live online events.

As I continue to learn about the field, the more I realize how much I need to learn. I am so excited about all of the possible opportunities in my field of interest.

Software Knowledge: Maya, Adobe Creative Suite, 3D Studio Max, Mudbox, Photoshop, Iistrator, Unreal 4 Engine, Unity, Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Headus UVlayout, Marmaset

Software I have been exposed to: ZBrush

Software I really want to learn: ZBrush, Mental Ray, Substance

Favorite Video Games: Quake, Far Cry franchise, Fallout franchise,The Last Of Us, Day Z, Dota 2, Counter Strike, Half Life 2, Dota 2, Kill Zone 3, Uncharted franchise, Skyrim, Battlefield franchise

Inspirations: Daniel Johnsson, Casey Love, Don Lanning, Devon Fay (Environment Artist), Naughty Dog, Nick James Pearce (Favorite Mod Creator for Skyrim), Bethesda (Life Goal, Be on the Elder scrolls VI Team)

Classes Taken: Graphic Design 1, Graphic Design 2, Logo Creation 2, lighting 2, Lighting and rendering 3, 2D Animation I, Game Design I, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Game Design II, Figure drawing I, Character Design, 3D Animation II, Animation III, Game Design III, Figure Drawing II, Figure Drawing Workshops, Gnomon Digital Painting with Alex Voe

Other interests:  RPG Games, Competitive Multiplayer Games, Swimming, Drawing, Digital Sculpting, Jazz Music, Running, Surffing

Contact:   Jake Tribe  •  Garden Grove, CA  •  562-259-3869  •  jaketribe@gmail.com