Dawn of the Pandas is a Flash based game I developed in my gave design 1 class at (OCSA), the main character, Gary is going on a honeymoon getaway with his new, beloved wife to China. They are staying at one of the nicest hotels in Shanghai. They both decide they would like to go site seeing, so they go a little ways out of the city to visit an old, sacred temple. Greg’s wife, however has a chronic illness causing her lips to become unbearably dry and cracked. This skin condition eventually takes over her entire body. The only way to stop this, is for her to use her special prescription chapstick.  Greg, the kind, new husband that he is, has to venture back to the hotel to retrieve his new wife’s chapstick. Unfortunately, he is not aware that there is a new pesticide that was sprayed on all the bamboo throughout China. However, there is an issue with how the native pandas in the area are reacting to the pesticide.  The pandas are infected and now rabid. The bamboo forest is over-run with these rabid, zombie pandas. The only way for Greg to retrieve the chapstick in time to save his wife, is to venture through the infected forests.  The object of the game is for Greg to dodge all of the savage pandas and make it back to their hotel, completing his mission to retrieve his beloved wife’s chapstick. This, of course, would save his honeymoon adventure, making him truly, an amazing husband. 

December 2014