"Deth Wish" is a game I began designing my Sophomore year in Game Design 2 at Orange County School of the Arts (OSCA) - Digital Media Conservatory. Since then I have added more to the game's infrastructure, aesthetics, modeling and lighting. I have also started building out more of the props to be used in the game. This was my first time working with some of the programming basics in Unreal 4. 

Game concept: The earth was drastically running low in fossil fuels. As a result, a  government organization was created to send fugitives to space to collect fossil fuels from asteroids. Commander Sparks was a fugitive on earth and was sent to the last asteroid that was known to have an abundance of fuel. It was his mission to solve the world's fuel crisis and in doing so, save the world.

Inspiration: I have always loved games that combine the genres of horror and science fiction. My all-time favorite game is Dead Space, which is the inspiration behind Deth Wish. I was striving for the similar effect of a claustrophobic, tension-filled space where the player has no idea what is around the corner.