Sleep Deprivation was a project I started on my own to build my portfolio. As I researched a variety of interesting scenes to re-create, I reflected back to a particular discussion in my debate class. We were to argue whether the use of sleep deprivation is an effective and ethical method of torture. We discussed it in light of its use on terrorist suspects at Guantanamo Bay. As I learned more about this form of torture, I discovered that this technique is extremely cruel and inhumane. It causes people to actually hallucinate and experience out of body phases even more intense and terrifying than some psychoactive substances. As a result, my scene is based on an old abandoned bunker/torture chamber at Guantanamo Bay Detention Center. It is difficult to acquire solid evidence and/or photos of this type of torture and where it takes place. This, in turn gave me quite a bit of creative freedom to interpret and visualize such a chamber. 

This chamber is just one part of a larger 3D structure with a different project in portfolio: